Monday, July 25, 2011

Another Update on Otakon

As I promised I managed to get all the prints done and ready to go. So, I have a couple files I can post up again, hurrah! I have 3 to show, so here they are:


This one I managed to color digitally. :D


This piece will actually be sold in a couple different ways. There will be this one for sale as the overall piece and then I split them up by twos on 11x17 so more detail can be viewed. I also have bookmarks of these individually. All were done in markers and ink.


This last one was my first attempt at dry brushing. Only after I started did I realized I had doomed myself with wanting to dry brush such a large area, it takes a very...very long time. But it is now complete! :D

There will be more at Otakon so come check Melody Ledford and myself out at table A10!

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