Monday, July 25, 2011

Another Update on Otakon

As I promised I managed to get all the prints done and ready to go. So, I have a couple files I can post up again, hurrah! I have 3 to show, so here they are:


This one I managed to color digitally. :D


This piece will actually be sold in a couple different ways. There will be this one for sale as the overall piece and then I split them up by twos on 11x17 so more detail can be viewed. I also have bookmarks of these individually. All were done in markers and ink.


This last one was my first attempt at dry brushing. Only after I started did I realized I had doomed myself with wanting to dry brush such a large area, it takes a very...very long time. But it is now complete! :D

There will be more at Otakon so come check Melody Ledford and myself out at table A10!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Quick Otakon Update!

Alright everyone. Here are a few more that I have been able to scan and get up that will be with me at Otakon. I still have plenty to put up but you may not see them until monday/tuesday. I leave for Maryland on wednesday hurrah!!


This one up here is a portrait of a character from a story I am working on, he is the villain. I suppose I rendered him a bit more realistically when I initially intended XD But oh well I really like the way it turned out.


A more finished version of this piece I did. The third one doesn't seem to want to cooperate so! Until next time!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Otakon '11


Hurrah! So I will be at Otakon this year in the Artist Alley. I should be sitting at either A10 or A11 closer to the entrance. Here is one work that will be there. It's meant to have four panels but they will be sold together in a poster and then in twos. More to come! There will be text at the bottom, but it won't be put on until all four are done!